Inventive Ingenuity 240 Years Ago!

A Swiss watch – maker so long ago, amazed everyone with his ingenuity by building “The Writer Automaton”.

A 240 year old doll that can write, a clockwork creation by Pierre Jaquet-Droz.

In turn he would be amazed at all the inventions that have followed. 

A short time ago, I expressed my own amazement in a spectacular failure to create a “magic” machine. Please think seriously about why we have this failure. Many Revolutionary Inventions Have Been Prevented.

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About Harry

Born in the south of England, parents were from the coal mines in the north. Life was tough during the war, the years after were rough yet stable with lots of love and happiness. Served a 5 year electrical apprenticeship and became self employed. Came to Canada in 1964 , with a brief touchdown in Winnipeg before taking off again for Vancouver. Worked in Port Alice prior to taking up employment in Montreal, followed by Windsor and Toronto prior to finally returning to Vancouver in 1981. Always a voracious reader, hungry for information, either local or global. Varied experience as a labourer, tradesman, supervisor, manager and as a business owner. Employed in a diverse range of industries. Business experience in England, Japan, Germany, Austria, the States. Sold Canadian beer to Germany and 2x4 housing to Japan. Formed a company in 1987 with a focus upon Health & Safety. Added ISO 9000 Quality Assurance, this combination proved successful for improving the bottom line. Always with a desire to hopefully make a difference in my community, my province and my adopted country ... Canada.
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