$3.9M Ponzi Collectible Fines? Import David Green From UK

Heart warming headline  Court upholds $3.9M in penalties in Ponzi Scheme. Gee, at last ‘something’ is being done! Wrong! The penalties will never be collected. Such words/announcements are ludicrous and an insult to Canadians who now have abstained from gullibility. You want a sample of the white collar/Ponzi crime scene.. one of the criminals who has been accused and fined again is highly indignant! He has launched a $480 million counter claim for damages against the commission and Canada Revenue Agency!

Just a taste: White Collar Crime In BC.Could The RCMP Maybe Win?  Westcoastpugnacious offered the government some sage advice peppered with constructive sarcasm: Deport Diane Lebouthillier & Import Margareth Vestager?

Here is the report about $3.9M in fines: Court Upholds 3.9 million in Penalties

Now grin and shake your head, I mention ..import David Green from the United Kingdom. Who is David Green? The top white collar crime enforcer in Britland! He is so good at his job, he has been told to cease and desist a little bit..because too many rich residents are getting nervous!  Britain’s White-Collar Cops Are Getting Too Good at Their Job

I kid you not! Kinda sad, I haven’t seen or heard anything beyond platitudes from Just Trudeau…about white collar crime/Ponzis!

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