Born in England near London, parents were originally from the coal mines in the North. Life was tough both during the War and afterwards. Food was rationed until 1956. Lots of love and happiness which did not require a lot of money.

Looking back I believe the key word was stability.

Served an apprenticeship [6 years], worked as an electrician doing repairs on American Air Bases, then started my own business. I was an admirer of Frank Cousins who led the Trade Union Congress.

Came to Canada in 1964 via Trans Canada Airlines, landed in Winnipeg / left Winnipeg [another story]. Landed in Vancouver, lucky man was offered a job after a written test. Told to go to the union hall and get my union card. Was informed by a big guy that he didn’t want a double DP taking a job away from a Canadian … then gave my job ticket to another guy.  So I decked him, from the floor he told me that I would never work for his union: a statement I agreed with.

Then I was off to Port Alice on Northern Vancouver Island. Was promoted into Management and stayed there for 5 years.

Got hired as a Supervisor at a Noranda company in Montreal. I had learned French at school in England so a lot of my co-workers were surprised that a ” ***** Anglais” could speak French. However after being told that because of my accent, I spoke like a “tapette” = gay … I spoke only English. Stayed there for 5 years and learned a lot.

Me next opportunity was with Ford Motors in Windsor. It was a bad time to be there during the “Oil Crisis” at that time when the Arabs cut the oil off. Though again, I learned a lot.

Then I was hired by an old well established company … Dominion Bridge in Toronto. And after 5 years came back to Vancouver where I was employed by a shipyard followed by employment with a chemical company.

After a lay-off  I started my own management consulting company which initially had a safety focus. Then became part of a hybrid management system which incorporated segments of safety with systems adopted from ISO 9000. Proved successful both here in British Columbia and abroad.

After a cancer health scare, I “retired” early. After almost 2 years of that experience, I unretired, did some volunteer work, got hired in a part time retail sales position, and as always learned a lot. I am a great believer in Common Sense & Accountability. I am proud of my birth country and very proud to say that I am a Canadian.

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  1. Wayne Bresch says:

    Hi Harry,
    Thanks for your comments. It’s hard to remain positive in a negative world full of uncaring political leaders. I voted for Justin Trudeau mainly because of his campaign promise to reopen veterans affair offices. Yet their attitude is not much different from the Tories and it’s not happening any time service. What a slap in the face to our servicemen, that they are only worth a lump sum payment for a blown off limb. With attitudes like that, it’s no wonder that the Brexit vote has succeeded and Donald Trump has risen to power. Keep calling out these hypocrites Harry. We need voices like yours.

    • Harry says:

      Again, my thanks for the contact. Never forget, we outnumber the politicians and their acolytes. In a democracy [usually] the majority rules. If we all stay involved as much as possible, we can win. remember an old saying. Before an election, a politician shakes your hand. After the election, he/she shakes your confidence,
      Again thank you for taking the time.

  2. Wayne Bresch says:

    Hi Harry,
    Thanks for the kind words. I have always tried to be a positive person, but it’s very difficult in today’s political world. We have a Premier who makes an annual salary of $200 K, but gets a top up stipend of $50K from her party. We have a Prime Minister who marches in Pride Parades and poses for selfies, yet he will not reopen Veterans Affairs Offices, which was one of his campaign promises. Our brave servicemen deserve better then a one lump payment for a blown off limb. If he had half the compassion for Canadian people as he does for Syrian refugees, we would be far better off then we are now. It is this kind of political thumbing your nose at the people who put you in power attitude that explains the Brexit vote results in Britain and the rise of Donald. Keep on calling these jerks out , Harry. We need people like you.

    • Harry says:

      Hello Wayne,
      Thank you for taking the time to let me know what you think.Ironically, it was just announced that the Liberals have started reopening Veterans Affairs Offices, which is way overdue. So..a hopeful indicator. However I was deeply disappointed when Trudeau reneged on his promise to change from what Harper did against the veterans. We must not forget, that it is difficult to just blame Harper for everything…he had a lot of bad advice..he had lawyers fighting against the vets in court…their were no nays from the military leaders or other cabinet members. Now Trudeau is continuing the same fight in court. I remember when an announcement was made that 2,250 vets were homeless. The report was made over a year ago…I tried under FOI to get the circulation list for that report…unavailable!
      Reading more on WCP about veterans will show that since we started in late 2012, veterans have been a focus.
      Re my being needed? There are fours of us involved with WCP.Different backgrounds, different concerns but wish to stay involved in our community, province and country. I believe that Letters to Editors are an important way to express concerns before they turn into issues. Feet[political feet] must be held to the fires. I also believe that we must apply multi level marketing to get heard. Each of us probably have friends who think the same…in trun they have 10 friends etc..it snowballs into an effective way to get change. We need to participate as opposed to just being spectators.
      Wayne, lets s keep in touch. WCP usually published something everyday. We are not slick, we are not big…and we need people like you to keep the fires going. Harry

  3. Jack Carradice says:

    Hi Harry

    Thanks for the note. I have had a look at your blog and see some interesting thoughts.

    I do tend to be rather opinionated and will consider contributing at some point.



    • Harry says:

      Hello Jack,
      I always appreciate it when sending a note results in a response. Have to admit that your self evaluation of being opinionated, forced me back to the dictionary. I tend to disagree with ‘opinionated’= conceited and assertive in one’s opinions. Your letter was offering your opinion and certainly not conceited. It is important to us as Canadians to protect our right to voice an opinion. It is also important that we do voice an opinion. As opposed to being a spectator in what goes on in Canada…we participate. We should never forget that we outnumber all the politicians and their sycophants combined. Unfortunately, we have neglected that power. And yes, my dictionary was still open.
      Thank you.

  4. Hi Harry,
    Thank you very much for your snail-mail letter. I was surprised and pleased that you actually took the time to read my letter (s) that here and there I sent to newspapers. I do agree with you and as Canadian I will be vocal about things that are converting us in something we are not. Canadians need to be more vocal if we want positive change.
    Thank you again!

    • Harry says:

      Thank you Elias for the courtesy of a reply. I particularly like the last sentence…Canadians need to be more vocal if we want positive change ! With the emphasis upon “positive”
      Will write more in an email.
      Again thank you.

  5. Henry Evans-Tenbrinke says:

    Greetings Harry. I received your letter and was please by the irony. Love that you sent it via snail mail. Are you on facebook? If so I wouldn’t mind friending you.

    Yours in Solidarity
    Henry Evans-Tenbrinke

    • Harry says:

      Thank you for the reply, am away at present, poor internet service will contact you later for sure

  6. David J. Purser says:

    Hi Harry. I received your letter. Much appreciated. Re my recent letter in the Province, the editor omitted the paragraph that explained how to find the salary paid to individual teachers. “Readers can review the salaries paid to local teachers by going to http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/accountability/district/sofi/welcome.htm, selecting their School District number, and clicking on “Get PDF File”. Readers can decide whether teachers are suffering financially and deserve more taxpayer dollars.” Feel free to make this information available on your blog which I am looking forward to reading and sharing with family and friends. David

    • Harry says:

      Hello David. A pleasure to know that you received the letter and that you take the time to respond. I appreciate the infor re how to obtain teacher salaries. I have been using the Vancouver Sun/Public sector salaries, however it is not province wide. I have noticed that some media do not like to publish some access sites. Probably because they compete. Will add to the Post. I will also send you an email via Yahoo, with more information. So please do not delete me.
      Again, thank you for taking the time to answer. We/Canada/B.C. need more people to get involved. Harry

  7. David Galloway says:

    Thank you for your letter Harry. It’s appreciated. Your parents & my dad had something in common. My dad worked in the coal mines in Scotland.

    It’s time that more people got involved. It’s time that we said enough is enough. If you haven’t got the qualifications to be a leader, you shouldn’t be in politics. To many times the inept are lead by the blind & try to tell us what is good for us, well picking our pockets clean. One party is no better than the other. No leader is better than the other. Just when I think I’ve found a half honest politician they prove me wrong.

    We need our own tea party. Both provincially & federally. Republic of Western Canada anyone. All we have to do is hint at it & the Fed’s will be all over us, trying to make nice. Unlike Quebec, we do have the finances to be able to go out on our own. We just have to find one leader, one reasonably decent person with a modicum of intelligence to lead us. Sadly anyone like that has more sense than to venture down the path of politics

    • Harry says:

      Thak you david, for taking the time to answer. Contacting people that write editors, is a little old fashioned unorthodox marketing. I also contact those that I disagree with, that sometimes backfires .. on me. The really bad ones, get deleted. When I started this blog, I envisaged people getting together and establishing a new party. I met some people who actually tried that. It failed miserably. The voters have enough trouble with two parties they know [I do not count Conservatives], without an unknown butting in and complicating the choice. Then I had a delusion that “ordinary” people could do something…as in being salt of the earth etc. No one likes to be ordinary. So now, I am thinking along the lines of MLM …. multi level marketing. Think of your friends, maybe 3 out of 10 think the same..so join/motivate them, then they do the same in their groups…pretty soon you have a bigger, motivated group who wish to participate as opposed to being a spectator. Preaching again. Coincidence about coal miners. I met another guy here, his family came from the same town as mine. We have become friends. A benefit of the blog. We are having some problems with the comments. If there is a disconnect with this reply, I will contact you via my Yahoo so do not delete me as a virus. Spread the word with your friends. Ask them what topics they would like to see. But I cannot guarantee that they will approve what I write. Harry

  8. Sheila says:

    Harry – thanks for the support in regards to my letter to the editor about the Jenny Kwan situation. I have only ever written one letter to the editor previously, last month in response to an article about the government waste in spending $4.5 million to expand the Park and Ride in South Surrey, when all they needed to do was to start charging to park there! They started charging as soon as the expansion opened, and since then I have never seen a single car parked there! (I can forward you the letter if you want to hear my thoughts on the situation!)
    I am so glad to have been directed to your website – I have only had a chance to skim it, but so far I agree with every point you are making here! (especially the most recent one about the Parks Board facilities!)

    • Harry says:

      Thank you for taking the time to answer. I remember the parking lot fiasco. Bateman of the Can Tax payers association, drove around the empty lot, in a pickup ..playing TaxMan by the Beatles.
      The blog started [in a fashion] in late 2012. Just a couple of old timers that want to have an impact upon the way the province and country is managed. Tough haul, but people are slowly becoming more aware.Like yourself. We try to use humour at times.At other times my frustration shows, I am grateful to my buddy who edits and keeps me from being sued.
      We have just revamped the comment section. not sure if it will work So I will also contact you via email. We publish something everyday. If there is a topic that you wish to discuss, please let us know. Again, thank you for taking the time to respond.

  9. Richard Keill says:

    Harry thanx for taking the initiative to look me up. The article was sanitized by the Province so key points were missed. Briefly I was intending to run and expecting to win in the last election….I was not going in as a politician but as a policeman with a big stick to clean house. I was running against John Cummins and Mary Polak (if your an unknown and you want to be known, run with the big dogs). Unfortunately I had to pull out early because my Dad got sick. I will tell you that I had a ton of support just in the short time I spent because people have had enough. I’ve had a number of articles published and have not had a single rebuttal to date. I have a web site that I started but my Dad was taking all my time so I gave up. Some of the articles are posted at RichardKeill.com. Contact me at my email or mail and lets have coffee.

    Richard Keill

    • Harry says:

      Thank you for taking the time to respond. Much appreciated. Obviously I admire your values, your grit and willingness to challenge.Sad to say, I do not think that John Cummins was much of a challenge..If my memory serves me correctly, I compared him to a retread tire. Your expired site was good. I agree that people have had enough. Unfortunately the NDP blew it, maybe that was a good thing. I will contact you at your email address as well. Lets keep in touch. My car is old. like me, Langley is a long way. But if you are ever near Vancouver…coffee is guranteed. Harry

  10. Harry says:

    Thank you for the response, thank you for the candour…and after this [because my name is Mayor] you are out.

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