Affordable Housing? Innovation+Reality.OPod.Nano-Homes!

‘Affordable Housing has become a stale overused ambiguous statement. Means squat, is a turn-off . Lots is written, task forces formed, protests from ‘activists’, broken promises, pretty speeches from politicians of all levels on a global basis.

Here are some samples: Vancouver Housing Crisis;Are ‘Iceberg’ Houses The Solution?

Want more?  Iceberg Houses For The Rich Compared With B.C. Icebergs!

How about innovative possibilities? Obviously some modifications would be needed, an understatement to say the least. Prior to even mentioning concrete pipes, in British Columbia, we would have  to make it very clear that the concrete pipes have nothing to do with oil pipelines! Otherwise we will have anti oil pipe line protestors ardently protestingTiny, metropolitan Hong Kong is packed with millions and many can’t afford a proper home. But one architect’s unusual plan could help.

Perhaps go on a diet? Slim? Just don’t try to swing a cat! ‘Slim house’ measuring just 7ft7in wide is the narrowest outside central London to go on sale for £1million

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