Affordable Housing + Modular Construction=Innovation!

Westcoastpugnaciousis convinced that ‘affordable’ is irreversibly connected to ‘modular’. Unfortunately such an assertion is flawed because there are so many issues arising from regulations.

Some history:  Affordable Housing? Innovation + Reality.oPod.Nano-Homes.

In Canada, there are  national regulations interpreted by bureaucrats + provincial regulations interpreted by bureaucrats. Plus we also have municipal bureaucrats who have their own versions.

Just a simple case…you wanna build a lane house or add a small mini house on your lot. What will happen when you want to move and sell your home?? Depends where you reside! Need I mention anything  about politicians? They have one main objective…to get re-elected.

WELCOME TO BUILDING EXCELLENCE!   Compared to the global information constantly updated on the American site: The Voice of the Modular Housing Industry

It is not just the construction that is mentioned here, we have discussed other projects in Europe that venture into how the completed projects are managed and who by.

Anyway, back to innovation….too much for one Post so there will be more. Modular construction plus innovation can lead to affordable housing & Affordable!

Consider the Triple EEE = Effective  Efficient   Economical! Just don’t try to swing a cat! ‘Slim house’   What about the inside of these homes? IKEA, Toyota, and Muji Are Building Prefab Homes You Can Afford  & An American Site illustrates global: Exporting Quality Control to the Builder

Important update. Just discovered that the ‘old’ Canadian Modular Housing Institute website does not mention what has happened. There has been an amalgamation and here is the much needed rebirthCanadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) “the voice of Canada’s residential construction industry.”

Interesting? Informative? More to come soon.

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