Ahmed Hussen Has An Addiction To Breathing Rarefied Air!

Breaking news from westcoastpugnaciousImmigration Minister Hussen has a highly communicable addiction … breathing rarefied air. An easily recognizable symptom of this mental disorder/addiction is that the addict remains distant from the lives of ordinary people.

Alert taxpayers will have noticed that this addiction is spreading like wildfire through the ranks of Trudeau Liberals. An unsubstantiated rumour is that Trudeau the Younger introduced Hussen to rarefied air.

A little history: Inequities Are rampant At Immigration Canada Part 1.

More of the same: Canada and Ahmed Hussen Welcomes Flood Of Somali Refugees.

A prime example of being out of touch with ordinary Canadians: Ahmed Hussen: Rules Barring Would-Be Immigrants With Health Issues ‘Outdated’

‘ A section of Canada’s immigration law barring anyone from settling in the country if they have a condition deemed a burden on medical or social services is outdated and needs to be brought in line with Canadian values.’ Rarefied Air’.

This family was accepted as have been many others, that certainly have impact upon medical and social services. And Canada should feel proud of that compassion. But, letb us not use the excuse of  ‘Canadian values’ to loosen any restrictions that are in place: Mental illness, disabilities add to struggle for some Syrian families

Perhaps if Minister Hussen did some research and breathed less rarefied air, he would note that Canada is in dire trouble with doctor shortages. We have lineups at hospitals, I read yesterday that if you phoned a local hospital, the message was..waiting time 4 1/2 hrs! On a personal basis I have been waiting 3 months for a referral to an ear specialist..before I can even find out when to have surgery.

How about this statistic ‘4.5 million Canadians in need of a family physician.’  Plus Minister Hussen, please take note of the author..well known and respected British Columbia’s Family Doctor Shortage

More to come Minister Hussen, before you want to expand what your Ministry will have to do, check the abysmal inefficiencies that exist with present ‘values’/volumes.

Gee, I nearly forgot, when are you going to fix the Government Committee that is supposed to solve the immigration consultant crisis? You know, the one that has collapsed, ICCRC was the name…Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.

Like I said, more to come, hang around Ahmed.

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