Andrew Wilkinson Is A Devotee Of Campbell/Clark Politics!

In my humble and sarcastic opinion, that qualifies him to be described as dangerous or deluded. Possibly both.

In his acceptance speech after being elected as Leader of the BC Liberal Party he publicly  praised ex Premier Gordon Campbell =he who kept the minimum wages low for 10 years. He who lied to all British Columbia voters…and quit before he got fired. He who was found to have made ‘clerical errors’ in expense accounts when employed as Canada’s High Commissioner to the U.K. We won’t mention the ‘delightful’ DUI photo that  surfaced in Hawaii. Possibly, Andrew could pick him up as an advisor? My fading brain cells also stutter that Gordo was still here when the BC Rail Financial fiasco was published.

What else did Andrew babble…sorry I should have said rambled, he spent quite a while praising all aspects of the Liberal Party policies, initiatives [not disasters] did not mention the mistruths that flooded us on a regular basis…what was the Liberal Party motto? Tell a lie 100 times and it becomes the truth. He did not mention that Liberal inaction has destroyed the ability of an average Canadian to purchase a home [ he did not mention that Minister of Housing & deputy Premier Coleman told us that ” We live in the jurisdiction with the most successful housing strategy in North America.”]  He mentioned NOT anything about about casinos/money laundering/ICBC/software failures. He mentioned nothing about the Holy Grail of Failure = LNG. Plus, he forgot to mention the nickname for ex Premier Clark..Queen of Mean.

Hashtags are very popular, westcoastpugnaciousviciously proposes  #De-ElectWilkinson.

Please enjoy missives and missiles from Griffon and Chico:

Liberal Leader Wilkinson

Poor old Christie Clark.  Her nose got so far out of joint when NDP Horgan and Green  Weaver upset her “Speech of the Clone” last year she took her baseball bat and decided to go home.  “I’m out of public service for good”, she sniffed, imperiously, as though she knew in her heart that perhaps more than 12 people might care.  That left the NDP/Greens a comfortable time to get their ducks in a row.  Meantime, the Liberals needed time to do two things.  First, to spin their way out of Christie’s disastrous volte-face, and then to elect a new leader.  They solved the first problem by ignoring it.  The second they solved last Saturday.

The Liberal Leadership Race.  After a divisive, partisan brouhaha, Andrew Wilkinson emerged the victor by a narrow margin over interloper Diane Watts.  “Who is Andrew Wilkinson?” you might ask.  Good question.  He actually held 3 cabinet positions after he was first elected in 2013, but doesn’t seem to have actually done enough to merit a headline.     Wilkinson’s acceptance speech was the model of arrogance and deceit.  Let us pass over his neglect of any acknowledgement of his opponents – including Watts, the runner-up.  His acceptance speech (see the URL, below) contained 2 quotes, which deserve comment.

How about this: “We are the party that does not spend our children’s money.”  Oh, really???  In a sense, this might be true.  They spent 16 years neglecting children that desperately needed their support – kids in poverty and kids on welfare.  Their record on child poverty?  Worst province in Canada 15 of their 16 years in power.  Kids on welfare?  The word “pathetic” doesn’t even come close.  Instead, they spent our kid’s money on hand-outs to corporations.  What did Wilkinson do?  Nada.

The second quote: “So I hope that nobody in this room and nobody watching at home will ever say again, ‘Are you a federal Tory or a federal Liberal, because ‘We Don’t Care.'”  I love this one.  We now know, from the horse’s mouth (ass?) there is NO difference between Conservatives AND Liberals in BC.  You want to vote for one?  You get both, automatically.  2 for 1.  That’s a DEAL, right? 

Not for me.  I pass. 

Andrew Wilkinson’s victory speech after winning BC Liberal leadership



Integrity BC released the final break-down of results in the BC Liberal Party Leadership Race that mercifully climaxed on February 3rd. Andrew Wilkinson’s fifth round victory of 54% compared to 46% for Dianne Watts, was achieved with an underwhelming total of 12,509 party members supporting him. That was only 40% of those who voted, out of a total membership of 60,000. Compare these figures to the 2011 leadership race where Christy Clark had 52% to Kevin Falcon’s 48%, and she had support of 29,000 party members in the third ballot. The BC Liberal Party had signed up 90,000 at $10 per membership, but only 62% of them bothered to vote in 2011. Of course, the Premier’s Office was immediately at stake seven years ago, and today Andrew Wilkinson is merely Opposition Leader; in last year’s election BC Liberals had a total of 796,672 votes throughout the province, but the leadership race shows how very tiny is the hard-core support of the party.

Looking at these quite pathetic numbers, one has to wonder about the mail-in referendum on electoral reform, due in the Fall. Promise of this referendum was the main reason why the Green Party formed a coalition with the NDP last year. That coalition has had several rocky moments, not least the decision to complete construction of Site C Dam, but Greens want electoral reform and proportional representation (PR) so very badly that they are willing to abide by such NDP decisions. BC politicians have been known to count chickens before they are hatched, and they should not forget the last mail-in referendum in 2011 that resulted in the the ruling party having egg all over its face concerning Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). If BC’s voters look closely at what happens in countries with PR that result in pizza parliaments, trying to form a majority from many diverse slices, they just may opt to retain the first-past-the-post (FPTP) system. Italy is a prime example of how PR results in frequent changes of government, and only recently Holland and Germany both took months after their elections to form coalition governments. If BC votes to retain the FPTP system, the Greens may well abandon their agreement with the NDP, and we could be having another provincial election sooner rather than later. BC politics really is a numbers racket, no doubt about it

Yours sincerely
Bernie Smith

I did note with pleasure that a political scribe stuck a small sharp knife into Andrew…described him as a walking curriculum vitae [resume to us peons]. Judging by the small margin of Wilkinson votes, he can be toppled easily

Gee, I almost forgot, what is the most infamous quote by Andrew Wilkinson?..” No one gets special treatment by being a campaign donor. It’s a system that works.” Delusional or Depraved?

Liberal Leader Wilkinson, I sincerely and sarcastically hope that you are GPS efficient: You Need GPS To Find Premier Clark’s LNG Secret Plant.

Honourable? BC Politics?  BC Liberals Andrew Wilkinson-Fishy? Sukh Dhaliwal.

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