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Unfortunately, slowly over time, Canadians have lost the ability or will to participate in how Canada operates. We have become spectators, unable to affect badly needed changes. Common sense is ignored, accountability rarely applied. When we try, we get either fobbed off with platitudes or stifled with an arrogant [we know better] bureaucracy.

In the “good old days” we could at least say Canada does not have corruption and be very proud of that fact. Now the truth seems to be surfacing to show that Canada has corruption at all levels. Politicians at all levels inclusive of the Senate, bureaucrats, civil servants, all wasting $$$, all treating tax-payers as an ATM machine.

Canadians used to be so proud of our police forces including the RCMP, and now unfortunately there are more and more examples of where the police have not acted “with honour”. Maybe it was always like this, that the media just ignored or covered up all the sins? Now for better or worse the various media can affect the change we need. They can and do publicise details that the average Canadian may not know or easily obtain. However us “ordinary people” must use that information to affect change.

We still have the power but have been lulled into complacency, we have forgotten how to use that power. Ask questions? Demand honest answers! Above all, hold people accountable for what they should have done. Together we have the ultimate power of the vote. Sadly when you talk to a lot of the younger Canadians, they do not bother to vote … why? “Because it is a waste of time, we cannot change anything”. Sad but true.

Ironically the First Nations protests … Idle No More has certainly caught the attention of governments and Canadians. Again ironically it showed that some of the $$$ spent on First Nations has certainly improved their education, organisational and communicative skills.

I am smiling a little at an image that comes to my mind … The Senior Rebellion of 2013! …

Swarms of seniors, some with walkers and wheelchairs protesting the increasing poverty in their ranks. Protesting the insults of ageism. Protesting the sad treatment of veterans.

Blocking roads, rail tracks and bridges, shutting down traffic and business flows. I have to wonder how the police would handle such protests, after all they did not enforce the court injunctions against Idle Nor More.

What if politicians had to sign a contract outlining what they would do … and resign if they didn’t.

What if the taxes we pay could be allocated to where we want the money to be spent. Like a certain charity which lists all the allocations, one can pick and choose … I love it! … Havoc in Government! … but our Havoc!!

I would like to see positive change, in a small way this blog could obtain some change … From and For Ordinary People. 

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  1. John says:

    like you blog
    how do I subscribe

    • Harry says:

      Hello John from out west. Many thanks for your comment. It has triggered some thinking. I was ‘thrown’ by the request for subscription. We have never been asked before. We have been getting puzzled and concerned because we do not receive a lot of comments. We are trying to find out why?You also made us explore a bit more, and what came up was RSS feed. Which my friend..techie/editor/engineer says would result in a button that would enable connecting. Until then, just bookmark us.We usually publish ‘something’ every day, or at least we try to achieve that target.
      What did you like about us? Is there anything in particular that you would like to see as a topic?
      Again, thank you for the comment.

  2. Joe Hind says:

    Hi, Harry.

    Thanks for your letter to me about mine in the Vancouver Sun. It’s comforting to know that there are others out there who feel the same way as I do. As you read in my letter, I’ m really concerned about our unsustainably high level of immigration, that this human tsunami will obliterate our way of life. The politically correct mainstream media, print or electronic, don’t have the guts to deal with it. Nice to know I’m not alone.

    Joe Hind

    • Harry says:

      Hello Joe,
      Always pleased when I get the courtesy of a reply to my old fashioned snail marketing. just to clarify,I am not against immigration, I am an immigrant myself, arrived here from England in 1964. A lot of my friends are from other countries. However, I do have concerns with how immigration is managed, the quantity seems to be excessive, around 250,000 per year if I remember correctly.To me, without venturing into what could be called racist, it appears that some immigrants do not wish to meld into our existing cultures.Part of the problem may be that Canadian officials may not be truly educating would be immigrants….or the immigrants do not want to acknowledge the cultural differences.One highly publicized incident is the wearing of the niqab during the citizen oath taking. I have no objection to the wearing of a head scarf that does not obscure the face. Many cultures including Canadian, relies upon facial recognition.The lady in the court case was well aware of the requirements before leaving Pakistan.
      I also disagree with the “selling” of citizenship “investor status” When you combine the immigrant program with the temporary foreign worker program, we have a problem. For the same reasons…it was abused.
      I will send you an email which I have just “found”, not good with a computer.
      Again thank you for the courtesy

  3. Wilf Roy says:

    Thanks for the note, Harry.

    • Harry says:

      And thanks to you for the courtesy of a reply. We need more people that take the time to make their concerns and opinions known. I tend to rely upon the letters to editors as a more reliable gauge as opposed to surveys. Feel free to suggest a topic for WCP, or comment upon anything we have published.

  4. Jillian Skeet says:

    I have a story that I think would interest you. Can you possibly send me an email address? I’d prefer not to post it in the comments section.

    Many thanks!

  5. Michael Stichnoth says:

    You found my name through NS News letter to editor and Telus. Thank you for the
    the letter after some detective work for finding my address.
    I am not a very prolific writer, however if something bugs me I will sit down and compose a few lines. So if that suits you it is fine with me and I will write about what bugs me


    • Harry says:

      Hello Michael,
      Thank you for taking the time to respond to unorthodox marketing. I have responded to you by Yahoo with more information. Look forward to learning more about what bugs you.

  6. Ian Bron says:

    Hi Harry,

    I got your letter via snail mail – thanks for the support. Much appreciated. I have read a few of your posts already and can see that we think much the same way. I don’t know if you have a notification system for when you post – WordPress has that capability, and you could also link it to a Twitter account.

    You may have noticed in your searches that I sit on the board of Canadians for Accountability (, which seeks to help whistleblowers and advocates for whistleblower protection and accountability in all sectors in Canada. We’re always looking for new members and followers.

    All the best,


    • Harry says:

      A big thank you…. to you as well. You have given me a bonus ! I apologize for not being aware of your organization. have rectified that mistake and joined immediately. Now if only you have an organization about common sense, I would be ecstatic . I have already started to circulate a package to friends.
      We at WCP are beginners, still learning/absorbing about, SEOs etc.
      I will write more information via my Yahoo address, then perhaps exchange some thoughts. We certainly do share some “causes”.

  7. Jill Schroder says:

    Hi Harry, I like your blog and topics, and am glad you liked my letter in the Sun (didn’t even know it had been published, as I don’t read the paper!). I think those letters to the editor are one of the ways to take a stand, shake off the complacency. Yes and yeah for “ordinary” people, yes, that’s a compliment!

    An issue I feel strongly about is preserving wild salmon. Check out Alexandra Morton’s site, and see the issues there. I have newsletter that goes out periodically, and I’ll add you to the list. I try to write letters and alert people about these things, but it’s getting pretty depressing as decisions keep being made to subvert wild populations and support salmon feedlots (aka farms).

    Other issues: climate change and sustainability (lack thereof in so many areas, especially how we must get off fossil fuels)… and others too numerous to list !!

    • Harry says:

      Hi Jill,
      Thank you for taking the time to answer, and I appreciate that we share some observations. Also glad that we have the same view of “ordinary”. You have raised many interesting and stimulating topics. I will respond in detail by for the heading westcoastpugnacious, then we can “chat” more and exchange more. Sometimes some of the comments are not nice, so they get deleted. So until later…again thank you for taking the time.Harry

  8. Bernie Smith says:

    Thanks for the note you sent by snail mail…received this morning, Harry…

    Just logged on to your blog…haven’t read much yet..but looks interesting….
    You said in the letter that you like what I wrote in the paper…I’ve been scribbling to the Editor for years…mainly my stabs at political satire…

    If you’d like to receive my letters as I write them I’ll forward to you….have a few email buddies that I send copies of the letters to as I write them….sometimes those letters I like the best never see the light of day….but other times I’m lucky to touch an Editor’s funny bone….Had one printed unedited in last Friday’s National Post that I never thought would see a drop of ink squirted its way by anybody….good to be wrong at times, eh ??

    So, Harry, I’ll check out your blog…& you please let me know if you’ll accept being on my Letters Mailing List…guess you could put my some of my letters on your blog if you liked them enough….

    Hope to hear from you soon
    Bernie Smith

    • Harry says:

      Hello Bernie,
      I appreciate you taking the time to answer my snail mail, I respect people who have the energy and concern who send letters to the media. We need more people like that. My old mantra is that ordinary people working as a team, become extraordinary … and we outnumber the politicians, we need to participate in running our country, not just being spectators. Enough of my preaching. The blog has been running since September last year. Not polished, never slick.Sometimes with sarcasm and humour, the last we need quite often. I think we have more than 520 Posts.Not bad for two old part timers.You sound somewhat similar to me..I started writing to the newspapers when in Montreal 1968-1973. I also try to “stir” things up here, have not been successful, if you follow the letter writers, quite often they have the same names each week. I would appreciate if you pass the blog around, the more we work together, the more we can change. Kind of like multi-level marketing…only we are the product, and the politicians the target. Yes would like to see what you have written. I will contact you later via my Yahoo email…that way we are not “exposed” Take care Bernie, just remember, every day is a good day… some are “gooder” than others. Harry

    • Harry says:

      Bernie, my emails to you, get returned ?

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