Bangladesh Has 1 Million Rohinga Refugees; A Catch-22?

I was totally surprised to see  that Bangladesh, a desperately poor country has absorbed 1 million Rohinga refugees! 600,000 over the past 6 months.

Westcoastpugnacioushas written about Bangladesh fairly often since 2013. Most recently I was concerned that Bangladesh was heavily dependent upon low cost garment manufacturing to provide millions of jobs for its people. There are major drastic changes in garment manufacturing that could affect Bangladesh in a harsh way:  The Refugee Flood Will Soon Be A Typhoon! Why? Robots.

When you study the radical strategy that Bangladesh is proposing to help it cope with some of the refugees, there are doubts as to the feasibility of the ‘island’ concept. Absorb the densities being mentioned per square km. Compare to other countries/cities. This is the island camp Bangladesh is building to house the Rohingya

Please compare to density statistics in Canada etc:  Vancouver Scores High Marks for Low Population Density? What will happen if the garment manufacturing industry is harmed by changes = far fewer jobs?

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