BC Liberals: Andrew Wilkinson .. Fishy? Sukh Dhaliwal!

Man alive, when I read ‘most’ of the details about Andrew Wilkinson winning the election to be the Leader of the BC Liberals, I ended up more confused than ever!

Westcoastpugnacious logo wanted to add different words into the headline..incestuous ..unhealthy ..inbred ..unwholesome ..interconnected. Why? A name and a political action that dismayed me. The full report will follow, however the name that sadly resonated with me … Sukh Dhaliwal, please be patient and digest this … Some Watts supporters were surprised at the way the voting broke when Lee dropped out. Instead of his support going to the other outsider, it went to insider Wilkinson by a two-to-one margin … fishy?

More than one Liberal outsider drew attention to the fact that Lee’s organizer in the South Asian community was Sukh Dhaliwal, a longtime  federal Liberal and no fan of the Conservative Watts. His recruits may well have been instructed to make their second choice anyone but Watts.

The ‘democratic’ values I try to keep are appalled at the open fact that a group of voters would vote as a block…when instructed.

Now, not mentioned is that Sukh Dhaliwal is a recycled ex-politician with a less than pristine [being polite] reputation:  Sukh Dhaliwal [ex-politician/ Wants To Be Recycled.

Now you can understand why ‘Smelly’ was in the headline.

Back to reports on the election and Wilkinson. Interesting $$ revelation about the ‘obscured’ announcement about increases given to most Liberal MLAs by Twisty Christy.

Vaughn Palmer: Wilkinson’s first challenge as B.C. Liberal leader is to show change

A fast comment..please note that one MlA who did not receive any increase..Ralph Sultan. Why no increase? Because when Christy needed to get a seat in the Legislature, she asked Ralph to give up his seat as it was a secure Liberal riding and Ralph was able and respected as a Liberal. He refused! So Twisty Christy was just being petty..

No doubt there will be many more about Wilkinson

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