Not Seen Before: Collision Sorry Collusion …

Between Liberals & NDP

A triple D headline concerning the Portland Hotel Society scandal. Government, NDP unlikely to dig into the PHS scandal. The headline was forged by Michael Smyth of The Province, The triple D rating comes from me … Disgusting … Disquieting & Despicable. Not  the headline, but the information that triggered the headline.

I would take a guess that many Canadians are aware of the scams pulled by the leaders and executives of the PHS. Not just in this province, but across Canada. A fraud of major proportions, numerous illegal and immoral acts resulting in $ thousands being directed away from the deprived, who rely upon the funds. That must be another Post.

Just briefly, again to quote Smyth … The executive and board of directors of the Portland Hotel Society resigned last week after audits revealed a litany of lavish personal spending, missing records, and a shocking absence of any control or oversight of the madness.

Why did the government let this go on for so long? Why didn’t they call in the cops? Why are the outgoing executives now in line to receive severance packages?

On Monday, NDP MLAs at the legislature got their first chance to rip the governing Liberals for the scandal. They didn’t exactly go for the throat. NDP house leader Shane Simpson asked exactly two questions. What is the government going to do to improve the oversight of the society, and will the government release any previous audits?

Are we starting to understand that the Opposition Party = NDP does not have any enthusiasm to pursue this fiasco? In my old country, and in others, the Opposition has a title … The Loyal Opposition. Here in British Columbia, the Loyal has a different connotation = Collusion … an agreement between two or more people [or political parties] for a deceitful or fraudulent purpose.

To be more blunt [sarcasm … I could have said honest, but they wouldn’t understand] both parties have colluded to avoid any further investigation. this is Despicable. Both parties are scrambling to avoid any more examples of abuse from surfacing.

That is Disquieting. But what is more Disgusting is that at least one Party leader … Adrian Dix basically condones this behaviour. He makes it worse by again condoning Jenny Kwan’s immoral acts [$$$] with added approval, that after she has admitted the immorality, he approves her leave of absence. If she had been a Liberal. The NDP would have yelled that she fall on her sword, and they would have provided the sword and made a video.

Let’s be honest about Jenny and her activities … $800 for a hotel stay of one night … $35,000 of other really, repeat really expensive outlays and her with so many years in the political arena, didn’t smell something? Her husband at the time, he with employment at PHS since 1998, had never mentioned his salary to her, not even once?

She insults our intelligence. Her husband never mentioned all the audits, even going back to 2002? Give me a break. Let me hazard a guess, there will be more disclosures of  financial abuse origination from a sense of entitlement.

I am getting over my anger, this Post is getting too long. However I do have some more Despicable  Disquieting Disgusting   scandals in my back pocket. That will probably make at least 2 politicians Downcast and Distraught. They may even lead to Draconian expense control rules.

I had to dig deep into history to find music that expresses my opinion. But I see a light at the end of the scandals … all these insults to our intelligence, all this stealing of tax-payer $$$ has stirred up a tsunami of resentment. For those of you, who have not studied  resentment and discontent … when you have resentment, you have the main ingredient for turmoil. Because resentment has a way of festering.

Here is the appropriate music … you will be hearing this often, I promise.

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2 Responses to Not Seen Before: Collision Sorry Collusion …

  1. george clay says:

    I knew Mark Townsend in London before he and Liz went to Canada. He was a sinister character in his youth. Pretending to be a born again Christian, he would target the vulnerable, manipulate them, abuse them in all sorts of way and at the same time, he’d be very plausible to those poor desperate youngsters, as “a good guy”. He didn’t get any cash from this carry on. I don’t know if he got anything out of it – except to cement the foundations of what came later in his life, via the Portland Hotel Society Scam. I guess some people are just born to get a kick out of making fools out of others, to get some kind of weird vampire energy from the humiliation. He humiliated Canadians. He must be high as a kite with happiness now. One things for sure. He won’t feel any remorse. He won’t, for a moment, think that he has done anything wrong. He will be pretending to be concerned for those same poor and needy people that he robbed. He will be very plausible about it. If he had gone to prison, he would have ended up starting a cult and getting followers. He’s very good at manipulating others, and I would actually say that he is one of the most dangerous ruthless people that I have ever encountered. Good luck Canada. You’re going to need it when he starts up again.

    • Harry says:

      Hello George,
      We do not get many comments from welcome. Sorry to inform you that you have the wrong Mark Townsend! Perhaps there are 2 Marks with the same immoral habits. The Canadian version was married to Jenny Kwan [if my memory serves me correctly. She is of Chinese ancestry and is now a federal NDP Member of Parliament.
      I grinned at your reference about George Orwell, we have written about him and Big Brother. Kinda betrays our age groups.
      I still have close friends in England. living in Dunstable and Feltham.
      Take care. Don’t be shy in saying more.

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