Is ‘Black Friday’ Racist Or Did White Privilege Expire?

Westcoastpugnaciousblames this headline on  Trudeau, Morneau, Chretien, Loblaw, Queen of England, CRA, Isle of Man. KPMG, Panama Papers, Paradise Papers and .. Tax Evasion = illegally hiding activities to avoid tax & Tax Avoidance = exploiting legal loopholes to avoid tax.

I blame it upon annoying economists who issue stupid [obvious] statements such as  “We find that tax evasion rises sharply with wealth, a phenomenon that random audits fail to capture.”

I blame it upon political lies such as when reminded again that the average tax payer is being ripped off and the rich/wealthy are getting richer..the politicians and senior bureaucrats issue puerile political pablum such as ‘appropriate action will be taken’ action.

Aaand, having to put up with a government & CRA which do not want any competition with individuals or small businesses who do not want to pay tax! No kidding, I will prove it in a later Post..I promise!

Now where was I?..How come in all the protests about blacks being abused, monuments to be removed, plaques in business buildings to be removed, names removed from schools, etc,etc..not even a squeak about Black FridayWe can almost forecast if a White Friday or Yellow Friday or Brown Friday was mentioned, there would be numerous protests with screams of racism.

A few years ago, I wrote a series which was a spoof on Caucasians:  Ethnic Outreach-Pres.Obama & Caucasian Alliance.

Back to Black Friday: It’s time to talk about ‘black privilege’


Thank you for your patience, I feel refreshed enough to face all the smelly garbage associated with tax evasion/avoidance.


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