Bombardier Flunked Credibility or Just Playing Politics

Bombardier reputation is politically and fiscally complicated and it owes Canadian taxpayers $billions. It always annoys westcoastpugnaciousthat any government in power, refuses to let us know how many $$ have been loaned and how many $$$ have been repaid.

Some history: Bombardier 31% Airbus 50.1% Quebec 19%.Taxpayer 0%! Why?

It appears that the transportation division always has quality problems…missed delivery date problems. It has a problem similar to Prime Minister Trudeau..namely making promises/vows and then breaking them: Bombardier vows to restore credibility after losing out on N.Y. subway contract

A very important contract was lost to competition..and sad to say because the province of Quebec [a Bombardier owner] would not accept the bid. The Caisse [which owns 30% of the transportation division] was against giving Bombardier the contract.

In a way, I admire the politicians and credit investors for making a decision that will be unpopular in Quebec. They were prudent, take all the accusations and insults now. Can you imagine the poo-poo that would fly later if and when Bombardier had quality and delivery problems with the contract? ‘Disappointment’ for Bombardier after losing out on Montreal rail project

Time will tell.

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