CAF Sexual Assaults; Will Weinstein Predations Impact?

Westcoastpugnaciousafter a short lapse, is continuing again on this issue. I find myself comparing the ‘performance’ of the previous General Lawson with Gen Vance..

Can you honestly believe a male executive [after all, even if he is a General] excusing sexual assaults by stating “males are wired differently”: General Lawson ‘Outtrumps’ Trump Over Sexual Conduct

Gee, a sudden thought, with all the exposures about Weinstein episodes of sexual predation…and the tsunami of males being fired, perhaps all of the revelations could impact the CAF? Can CAF victims sue the predators? Can they go back 20 years? Can they claim damages? Could the males be held accountable and possibly have to return severance pay and benefits? Perhaps they could face jail time?

Pls excuse me, time out, have to change the headline..Original..‘CAF  Gen.Vance.Reducing Assaults.Progress? Toxic? Answered my question:  Sexual Assaults/Class Actions In Canadian Armed Forces.

How about that! I bet a lot of CAF executive males are looking for their armoured vests. How about this:  General Vance: Harjit Sajjan Suffered Racism In CAF-Toxic?

Progress report issued in April 2017: How the Canadian Military Is Changing Its Response to Sexual Assault  Example after April 2017: Former military officer says she was sexually assaulted by military physician

More incidents reported, will be in the next Post in this series..not sure about the headline.

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