Canada Shipbuilding Farcical Financial Fiasco; Again!

Unbelievable, decades of inept management added to a total lack of accountability. Westcoastpugnacioushastens to point out that Prime Minister Trudeau is not 100% responsible! Previous governments, previous and present Department of Defence bureaucrats have defiantly adhered to the ineptitude enshrined in DoD genes.

For a taste: Sad Saga Of Canadian Shipbuilding; Blame All Governments.

I have often discussed Perception Management, where managing the perception is more important than the truth. However in the case of DoD & Shipbuilding, the perception IS the  truth: Perception Management, Crash Course In Reality & Fiction #2.

Now to prove my statement about decades of ineptitude: Added Revenue For News Media-The Department of Defence.

This leaves a bad taste: Canada Needs Course Change to Build Overdue Ships

How about this explosion of exposures: Canadian Military & Defence News

I feel sad for Canada and the Canadians in the Canadian Armed Forces because they inherit the neglect.

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