The Canadian Government Is Spying On Me & I have Proof!

Believe me, I can prove without a doubt that the Canadian government has and still is spying on me! If I wasn’t paranoid before, for sure..I am now.

For some reason, the day before yesterday I was rereading posts about government spying on Canadians. All the familiar denials and excuses. I had forgot a lot because there had not been much media interest for a long time, but it was interesting again.

Here is a review of the old Posts, which will be followed by the latest exposure about what the sneaky governments [plural] have been caught doing. Sure reminds me of the ‘Big Brother’/George Orwell issues that were forecast.

 Spying on Canadians; Update Reference, CSEC=CSE-Use Tor

Internal link to Blast From The Past; Is Spying & Snooping Just Paranoia?

Internal link to George Orwell;1984.In A Skirt,French Accent & Joly

Paranoia? If not, what is it? Federal government blocking social media users, deleting posts

A Reminder this product can assist freedom, and it is free: Anonymity Online

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