Canadian Role In Iraq Is Non-Combat: Guess The Pay?

Lots of publicity about a Canadian sniper in Iraq who has just ‘achieved’ the longest kill shot in history…at 3540 metres. Some confusion over this being achieved in what has been touted as a non-combat mission.

But fear not, our valiant Prime Minister has stated in public on television that this ‘kill’ is entirely consistent with non-combat role. Westcoastpugnacioushad to check the dictionary for ‘consistent’ = in harmony…not contradictory …unchanging. Now I am even more confused. So killing the enemy is not a combat role?

Sad irony, combat has been mentioned a few times here. I have suggested that the answer to the question about combat or not combat, is simple…are the troops receiving combat pay? Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan;What About Combat Pay?

I guess that same question could be directed to Gen. Vance, the head honcho of Canadian Armed Forces … which can prove to be difficult, he stated that the media is toxic to everything he says!  General Vance: Harjit Sajjan Suffered Racism in CAF -Toxic?

Prime Minister Trudeau spouts ‘non-combat’ Canadian sniper’s shot ‘entirely consistent’ with non-combat role, Trudeau says


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