Canadian Submarines Built In 1980’s Are Modern! Who Says?

The Canadian government has stated publicly that the antique submarines are ‘modern’. Obviously the government and its bureaucrats are short changed as to defining modern. 

Liberals Goofed Buying Used Submarines, Now Used Jets!

Modern = of the present and recent times [not very precise?] up -to-date in lifestyle, outlook, opinions. There is a very strong rumour that Prime Minister Trudeau and his toady Gerald Butts will be issuing an upgrade for the Royal Canadian Navy in regard to lifestyle, outlook and opinions.

With reference to the mention of ‘Modern’: Canadian submarine history

Westcoastpugnaciousambles back to samples of 1980s technologies. Does anyone remember the automobile by the name of Yugo? Just in case you  need a reminder: Here’s Why the Yugo Is One of the Worst Cars Ever Made

Some have said it was the worst car ever made! The submarines we have are Yugo-class. However, the Trudeau led government states they are modern! We can be sure that various Trudeauites are working furiously to come up with a different description for modern submarines. There is a rumour that Toady Butts has suggested some reality with a flair.. ‘Be proud of our antique submarines… antiques increase in value as they get older.’

Back to reality: Cheap subs are no bargain: Editorial

As soon as we get our act together, we will publish  data comparing the Canadian submarines to the top 10 nations and their submarines.

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