Cannabis Versus Opioids & Global Wealth New Silk Road

The media sources are getting flooded with new information, some is the truth, some is from self styled ‘experts’. It is almost getting too much to handle. Soooo, here are some ‘confusing’ gems.

First some history: Will The Next War Between Trudeau And Trump Be About Cannabis?

It is obvious that although some or most of these ‘experts’ have not even estimated the impact of China on cannabis. Yet China is eagerly seeking $$$ to assist it in establishing its global transportation network = Silk Road: Beijing floats IPO plan to help turn ‘Silk Road’ dream into reality Where are the sources of this needed wealth?  needless to say, Canada is not mentioned:  Visualizing a Global Shift in Wealth Over 10 Years

Here is an interesting report on the possibility that cannabis could combat the opioid epidemic: This Medical Cannabis Researcher Explains How Marijuana Can Combat the Opioid Epidemic

Here is a teaser, what could be a solution for all the damage caused by the opioid industry? Compare it to the long tough war against tobacco companies. Remember the $$$ ‘won’ about $246 billion!

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