New Car Dealers Association & Political Donation Scams!

Sad to say, here in British Columbia, on a regular basis there is mention of political donations. In particular when the Liberal Party of British Columbia is the recipient. The information being released or exposed is never positive [being polite].

Westcoastpugnaciousfinds it quite sleazy and immoral that the same Liberals who ‘profited’ from the donations, now want to lead that Party!

A little bit of history: Political Donations In BC Integrity Promised Or A Doozy, Another juicy sarcastic scandal: Mount Polley Mining Disaster & Liberal Party Donations.

One of the biggest political donors is the New Car Dealers Association: Political Donations: Following the money in B.C. politics  ..More of the same.. please note they get $1.42 million to cover training and admin! BIG LIBERAL DONOR ADMINISTERS $46 MILLION IN ELECTRIC CAR INCENTIVES

The scam? Investigations in Ontario and other areas showed unethical selling of long term loans: ‘It’s very troubling’: Hidden camera catches car dealerships breaking sales rules

Not content with the donations, the recipients did a swift side step shuffle for moreDermod Travis: How B.C. Liberal outsourcing made government more opaque

Nothing appears sacred anymore … only immorality and greed.

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