Chinese Home Buyers Legerdemain Backfires! .. History!

My memory was jogged by the word legerdemain I have not used that word for decades. The meaning? ..’Trickery..sleight of hand. Another kinda side benefit of this ‘trickery’ is a financial bonanza for the lawyers involved.

However, some history to the festering issue of Chinese buying homes and driving up prices = out  of reach of the average Canadian. Plus the smelly support for this by politicians: Chinese Driving Up Home Prices-Ridiculous Mayor Robertson. Of course we should not forget that other levels of government also ignored facts: Made Easier For Chinese To Invest In Canada-Exclusive. Another segment of the issues: Tax Foreign Property Buyers In British Columbia-Part 2. And, another relevant report Internal link to  Chinese Home Buyers Using Lawyers To Defeat Canadians.

Must not forget the legerdemain..Ian Mulgrew: Following real estate money from China — impossible!

Did you notice that these ‘skilled’ devious investors also used other devious tactics? They did not use the British Columbia Investor Immigrant program. One family entered via Manitoba, the  other via Prince Edward Island. The fees and criteria are not as critical as here in British Columbia.

Sad isn’t it, how all levels of government have left us taxpayers/voters defenceless.

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