Chinese Have Purchased A Site C Contractor, Deja Vue?

Memories are made of this, or perhaps nightmares are made of this. Anyone remember when the Chinese [with a lot of help from ex-Premier Clark] conned us in regard to Coal mines in British Columbia?

Hundreds of jobs promised, millions $ for investment and denials that the Chinese owned companies would import workers from China. Anyone remember the court fights between BC Unions and the Chinese owned mining companies? Another memory jog… problems with Chinese contractors doing contracts in the Alberta Oil fields? It got so bad that Canadian unions tried to make sure that the imported Chinese workers actually got paid. A sadder memory jog… fatalities of workers, which stretched a long time before justice was served.

Could we experience similar problems at Site C… Westcoastpugnacioussincerely hopes not.

Some old yet relevant history: TFW/Chinese Miners-What Should Have Been and What Could Be Done Now. more ..  Chinese Miners in British Columbia&  Temporary Worker Program/Chinese Coal Miners/Import Workers.

Seriously many Canadians and many [not all] media [heavily influenced by Prime Minister Trudeau] play down the various threats from China. There is so much data, true or false, it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff… here’s a couple of gems: How wealthy Chinese move hundreds of billions abroad to buy assets &  35 Chinese Cities With Economies as Big as Countries

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