Is The CRA Managed By A Lunatic = Lebouthillier? Proof!

It is rare that westcoastpugnaciousposts such a harsh headline! However National Revenue Minister Lebouthillier deserves the harshness. The Canada Revenue Agency is failing Canadians. The Canada Revenue Agency is ineffective, inefficient and continually abuses Canadians. In fact Minister Lebouthillier insults the intelligence of Canadian voters, and is never held accountable. Our inglorious Prime Minister Trudeau has never mentioned anything about these CRA scandals. Why not?

Anyway, some background on the CRA and Minister Lebouthillier: Proof That CRA Incompetence & Inflation Are Rampant..  Deport Diane Lebouthillier & Import Margreth Vestager.?

Now westcoastpugnacious starts to provide backup to my claim that Lebouthillier should be classed as a lunatic..’ Low income canadians will be able to file their tax returns by phone this year. New automated service “File my return” Announced by NRM Lebouthillier today. An attention grabbing headline? Tax agency allows low-income Canadians to file returns by phone

It has a major flaw, it is a bunch of ‘crap’ The Auditor General of Canada issued a damning indictment of the CRA in November 2017. How about this..Overall, we found that the Canada Revenue Agency gave taxpayers very limited access to its call centre services, including both the automated self services system and call centre agents..We found that the Agency blocked more than half the calls it received [about 29 million out of 53.5 million.] Report 2—Call Centres—Canada Revenue Agency

There has been a litany of complaints about the treatment complaints about the CRA. Here is just one: CRA backs down in row with diabetics denied disability tax credit

There is more to come, but Trudeau the Younger needs to clean house at the CRA..NOW! And start at the top! Information released today showed actions taken by countries with regard to the Panama Papers =$$$ recovered.

Guess what, Canada is a big ZERO! Nothing, Nada..’we are years away from this recovery.’

WHY? HOW COME?…Because Lebouthillier is a female version of ‘No Action’ Trudeau.

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