The CRA Is Useless But Shuts Down Any Competition!

CANADA REVENUE AGENCY … Tax Collector Extraordinaire!

If you absorb what is exposed in various media [not including fake news], the CRA is inefficient..immoral ..self serving..ineffective .. expensive.. embarrassing with its inherent inability to follow through on its promises yet is loved by the rich of any denomination.

Those who have lots of power usually abuse it  and they will shut down any competition. It caters to which ever political party is in power…it is cozy with any company/consultant [KPMG] that assists the rich [including politicians..past and present] in ‘tax evasion/avoidance’. It has never, ever ‘nailed’ any individual of consequence.

Just a recent taste:  Panama Papers.Isle of Man Scam.Paradise.POGG.Car Bomb.

Some Canadians have actually written letters to editors expressing the opinion that the CRA spends too much time chasing pensioners and those of a similar ilk, time that could be spent jailing more worthwhile individuals: CRA is Cozy with KPMG, But Pursues Seniors & First Nations

Westcoastpugnaciousmentioned that the CRA shut down any competition to its [unofficial] business….which is to prevent the rich from paying income tax:  You Do Not Have To Pay Income Tax.

How about this one? internal link to  White Collar Crime;Anti-Tax Crusader Porisky Gets Jail.

Anyone seen headlines for any other tax evader getting jail time?

Got news for you..France leads the way: Tax Avoidance;France Leads In Prosecutions,Ask Cahuzac.

What do we get? The CRA Couldn’t Collect $3 Billion – But It Can Still Go After You

More to come, it seems that every day the ineptitude of the CRA and the collusion with politicians [including Trudeau] is a flood.

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