Anything Goes In This Era Of Manufactured News!

It certainly gets confusing ….propaganda … fake news … false news … perception?

Luckily, westcoastpugnaciouscan rely on Chico to clear up the confusion.


May I preface comments about juvenescent Justin Trudeau’s visit to the Lion’s Den in Nanaimo on Ground Hog Day, by stating that I’m a retired deep-sea tanker Master with no political party affiliation whatsoever. There are many policies of Ottawa’s Liberal government that I totally disagree with, but the federal approval of Kinder Morgan’s Trans-Mountain PipeLine Expansion is one I whole-heartedly support. I watched television coverage from Nanaimo’s Vancouver Island University campus with interest, trepidation and anguish, especially when anti-pipeline and anti-tanker protesters ranted vociferously that they were there on behalf of ALL British Columbians.

I fully support anyone’s right to protest, but will never agree that those who make the most noise speak on everyone’s behalf. That is simply nonsense, and would like to believe that there is a significant silent majority of British Columbians who agree with what the PM has said about balancing economic and environmental concerns regarding the pipeline expansion and increased tanker traffic. While not everyone has been brainwashed by a few misguided and misinformed self-appointed saviours, even they must be given credit for harnessing social and mainstream media to efficiently spread their erroneous misleading message of doom and gloom and the “inevitability” of catastrophic oil spills. It’s sad to say, but anything goes in this era of Fake News, that’s for damned sure.


Of course we must include politicians/ex-politicians:  Oxymoronic Hillary Clinton;False Propaganda & Fake News.

 How Low can You Go Tim Horton? Time Will Tell! Part 1

Does anyone really know what is happening? What will happen in the future?

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