A Female Is New RCMP Boss! Simulated Oral Sex & Eggplant!

I kid you not, yesterday there were headlines about a member of the RCMP simulating oral sex with an eggplant. Today, the headlines are about a female being appointed RCMP Commissioner. Some sarcasm needed? Our headline seeking Prime Minister has not asked for a photo-op or even made comment. I wonder why?

In all sincerity westcoastpugnacioushopes that Commissioner Brenda Lucki can meet the challenges inherent in the RCMP. To overcome decades of sexual assaults ,rapes and harassment suffered by mostly females in the RCMP.

Just one recent headline illuminates the problems…RCMP reopening 25,000 old investigations that were not conducted efficiently.

Some history   By the way, oral sex has been documented previously in the RCMP: RCMP Commissioner Paulson & Workplace Assaults; Part 3  &  #MeToo 25 Years-Too-Late For CAF & RCMP Why? Einstein.

Didn’t believe me about eggplant oral sex?  RCMP investigating supervisor for allegedly simulating sex act on an eggplant. The New RCMP Commissioner:  Trudeau names Brenda Lucki as Canada’s 1st permanent female RCMP commissioner

I still have to shake my head at how many condoned so much criminal and immoral behaviour.

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