Fentanyl Is The Godzilla of Opioids! Who Said That?

It was an American politician who coined that phrase. Senator Ed Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat. At the same time, he provided a statistic that puzzled me..his state had 1,500 fentanyl overdose deaths in 2016. these statistics can be not only puzzling but ambiguous. Some overdose death investigations may not be complete when published, particularly in identifying the drug involved. However, the Massachusetts population in 2016 was 6.812 million. Compare to the British Columbia population for the same year is 4.7 million. As far as I know , the last count was 1100 deaths, but earlier the death count had been expected to reach 1400.

A quick review of a couple of last year Posts on fentanyl drugs/overdoses: Opioid Crisis Trudeau Versus Jagmeet Singh. Both Wrong & Fentanyl Deaths; Murder;Manufactured Deaths? Who Cares.

Now let’s visit the Senator who mentions Godzilla, I found it very enlightening: This Handheld Device Detects Opioids. It’s Not Always Right.  Did you notice the name of that testing machine? TruNarc? Not perfect but rapidly approaching that needed perfection. westcoastpugnacious logo checked, and it is available here in Canada. Did you also note that single physician was seeing 90-100 patients per day! Plus he wrote out prescriptions for millions of opioids.

I am also puzzled that the U.K. appears to have avoided the dramatic explosion of fentanyl drug deaths? Could it be due to the fact that it is not close to South America and does not have a border with Mexico? Could it be due to the fact that it is a long way from China, which is a main supplier of fentanyl to Canada?

At least 60 UK drug deaths in past eight months linked to fentanyl

We must not forget the BBC: Fentanyl deaths: Warning as drug kills ‘at least 60’

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