Financial Transparency.Equal Rights.Are We All Equal? No!

Abbreviations ..FN = First Nations [aboriginals]. NFN = Non first Nations. Officially we are all Canadians = Canadian Passport.

It has been said by an ex First Nation Chief that there are only First Nations and immigrants in Canada. Another FN leader accused Canada of genocide.

OK Canadians, think about this, every year Canada Revenue Agency requires us to provide them [annually] all our financial data …without question! Plus they are not merciful if you are not in compliance. That is the law and we must obey the law. Correct? No, if you are a First Nations, you do not have to comply.

 Charter of Rights and Freedoms Versus First Nations.   Charmaine; Is Onion Lake Cree Chief Wallace Treasonous?

westcoastpugnacioussuggests that if you want to see more…plse use the search button and insert ‘What is my nationality’

An update about financial equality! Onion Lake First Nation appeals ruling ordering it to publish financial records  Plus the latest information. Division and the First Nations Financial Transparency Act – Part 2

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