FINTRAC Financial Camouflage, Again!

FINTRAC! = Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre! Wow, hate to admit that I have a personal bias against ‘identities’ that have super long names. Can you imagine the size of their business cards? Naturally in French & English. Of course, these outfits all reduce their names to initials. FINTRAC. Why? Because it makes you query the initials, giving the business card holder the opportunity to expound on his employment. As an aside, use the search button and insert the words business cards. A word of caution, you may shake your head and then throw up.

Because I am not a politician, nor a public sector employee, westcoastpugnacious logo is honest and does not peddle b/s. I readily admit to being a proponent of sarcasm. However, back to FINTRAC: Canadians Gullible About Tax Evasion Via CRA & Fintrac? plus  Impatiently Waiting For The Fintrac Audit Report  & The Canadian Housing Bubble Been Prevented?

Now to the latest earth shattering announcement from Fintrac revealing details of ‘Project Protect’ which was born in 2016. Naturally a ‘secret’ report reveals that Fintrac was peddling Puerile Political Pablum. The official report oozes with praise to the Canadian Banking Sector which defies logic when considering all the negative media reports researched and published over the past few years. I swallowed some Gravol for protection..‘the Canadian banking sector now sees itself as a full contributor to Canada’s Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Regime.’

I have a different interpretation of ‘Contributor’, Perhaps Collaborator  would be more accurate.

However we published a Post about unethical bankers which included a ‘Bugger the Bankers song:  Unethical Banks Ripping Us Off.Different Version Part 1

Oops, nearly forgot the Fintrac effluent: Ottawa’s secret report on money-laundering points finger at Canada’s banks

Lest we forget, absent without leave =AWOL our globe trotting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Fear not, we will hear pretty pandering political words..if he is home.

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