The Good, The Bad & The Ugly !

For the first time since our inception in 2012, westcoastpugnacious  has been almost disabled. Nothing serious yet still disturbing. All of us have been working on a ‘masterpiece’ about Prime Minister Trudeau.

All of the global media reports and observations about Trudeau the Younger have become an epidemic = wide prevalence of something undesirable. Made more difficult by all the languages involved. It must be a serious problem for Trudeau the Younger and Toady Butts. It is all negative. There are even some pundits who have stated that what affects Trudeau the Younger is inherited from his father Pierre Trudeau. Could be/ Like father like son syndrome?

To try and get a more accurate  picture of what appears to be apt for Justin, I had to go back to almost ancient words from the English language [which we probably stole/absorbed from the French when they invaded Britain in 1066.] Ring any bells?  Effete   Foppish  Dandy   Popinjay. We will explain in the Trudeau masterpiece. We are also contemplating American/Trumpish words  SNAFU…TARFUN …FUBAR. We will return when our suffering of TTF is finished = Total  Trudeau Fatigue.

So that is our feeble excuse to explain why we are publishing some previous Posts.

Incredible? There Is Never A Choice Between Freedom And Safety

 Americans Get Over Your Hissy Fits,  Give Trump A Chance! #1    I deeply regret writing that one.

 Should A Drug Overdose Death Be Classified As Murder? Yes.

Included in one of the above is the Post where I accused Trudeau of treason! Proud to say, this Post got the most hits ever! What does that tell you?

Please think about this..The fallout from Watergate caused Nixon to resign. As Chico points out, the actual Watergate scandal was not the culprit, it was the way Nixon wriggled and lied about Watergate that was his downfall and led to his nickname Tricky Dicky.

Could Indiagate be the downfall of Prime Minster Trudeau? Could his political epitaph be Tricky Trudeau.


A very well conceived parody: WHERE HAVE ALL THE STATESMEN GONE? (Parody of Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

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