The Identity Crisis Is Now A Dangerous Disease .. POC?

POC? This identity has just been published and created amazement, confusion and some horror.  Before we expand on POC, let us backtrack on many of the identity ‘identifiers’..

I have A Canadian Passport-But What Is My Nationality?  Leave Natural Birth Alone.Say No To Three Parent Babies’ A masterpiece: Has Gender Identification Become Dysfunctional Overkill

Back to POC..almost fiction, but the evidence is clear..POC: Meet Roy Rana, Team Canada’s First POC Head Basketball Coach

So, now we have another identifier Person of Colour, didn’t anyone stop to think how ambiguous that is? What colour? Everyone has colour. How about this oldie: A Decision by the BC Human Rights Tribunal about Beer. Inane of Insane.

The follow up Post to this [not sure when], will provide factual fun of the chaos that is coming. We will discuss the impact on the organisation BLM = Black Lives Matter. All the changes about colour will create major problems for them.

We will discuss the impact of an Australian survey that clearly identifies 33 gender identities.

Westcoastpugnaciouswill discuss the impact of Prince Harry who has proposed to and been accepted by a lady of mixed race…mixed heritage..biracial  all British adjectives for the daughter of a black mother and white father.

And getting down to the nitty gritty, how many grades of black are in use? Another complication…negro?

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