Immigration Minister Hussen Is A ‘Qualified’ Con Artist!

Definition of Con Artist [gender compliant, male or female = peoplekind] = a person adept at lying, cajolery or glib self serving talk!

Now perhaps you will understand why westcoastpugnaciousdescribes Minister Hussen as ‘qualified’. He can and does mass-produce glib self serving talk.

Just a ‘taste’ of glib: Immigration Minister Hussen Is Deceiving Canadians 100%.

If a visitor were to insert ‘Disadvantaged’ into the WCP search button, there would be a flood of links. The sad reality is that the word Disadvantaged usually applies to Canadians! Here is a sample: Disadvantaged Canadians Must Be The Top Priority! Now!

Hussen is addicted to spouting that the existing policy [over 40 years] restricting asylum seekers, economic refugees, illegals, refugees, immigrants who can cost Canadian tax payers $$$ for medical costs/disabilities etc…does not meld with our country’s values of inclusion of people with disabilities in Canadian society. He totally ignores the fact that we have Canadians with varied disabilities that are unable to obtain the required treatments. Waiting times for medical attention are the worst in recent history. We have 5,000,000 million Canadians without a family doctor. Every aspect of the health system is failing and overloaded with sad examples: Ottawa to present plan to amend policy that rejects immigrants on medical grounds by April, Hussen says

Imagine the impact of more people with disabilities on the failing Canadian Health System: BC 7TH WORST IN CANADA WHEN IT COMES TO WAIT TIMES FOR HEALTH

How about this fact..Canada’s acceptance rate for asylum seekers is the highest in 27 years. How about another disquieting revelation ..North Korean defectors gained entry to Canada with faked papers, they ‘misled’  investigators. They have admitted to giving ‘false  stories’..they have been living here for 8 years..had children here. Only now has our much vaunted security/immigration system determined that these North Koreans LIED, numerous times.

Another sad British Columbia, if you live in a small town and get pregnant, it will not only cost you one hell of a lot of money, there probably isn’t a Dr or nurse to assist in before,during and after birth.

This will be covered in another Post..very soon.

Suggestion, complain to your local  MLA, complain to your local MP. If you really want to get attention..complain to Con Artist Hussen..and see what he says.

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