India: Triad or Triumvirate Trudeau; Aga Khan or Trump!

What a mouthful, I should have pointed out that the Trump mentioned is Trump Junior, trying to sell apartments to rich Indian investors. Lots of publicity and money being thrown around.

Anyway, a little history:  Justin Trudeau 1st Visit To India  & Why, The Aga Khan? Daily Drug Deaths & Morgues Full; Trudeau Chats With Aga Khan.

Obviously the Canadian media had nothing to do with this less than laudatory report about Prime Minister Trudeau and his visit. Justin Trudeau’s ‘unusual’ India trip raises eyebrows, panned by Canada watchdog

Now the well formulated and funded mini invasion of a Trump: Indian investors offered dinner with Donald Trump Jr

The next post will explore the fact that India and its residents do not understand Prime Minister Trudeau. Plus vice versa, Trudeau does not understand India.

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