Istuary Innovations & Ethan Sun, Denies Ponzi Scheme

One company denies that it is a Ponzi scheme even though others have been found guilty of running a Ponzi scheme.

Victoria Tan…Rashida Samji. Even if every Ponzi schemer is found guilty, it is almost 100% impossible for the investors that were scammed will get a single $ returned. Even any scammer who is identified and it is ‘proven’ that he/she/them have assets, rarely do the various authorities make the effort to nail the schemers, even the RCMP can’t find the time or funds to investigate.

When westcoastpugnaciousstarted this Post, I was going to list Ponzi schemers  found guilty as mentioned. So far Istuary Innovations has consumed too much time and space so will deal with them in a later Post.

Some historyWest Vancouver Mini Ponzi$40M.HK+ Maxi Ponzi=$6B US

Now we can examine Istuary Innovations and its owner Ethan Sun: Lawsuits allege Vancouver tech company a Ponzi scheme and sham

Ethan Sun, direct from Beijing states he is not a Ponzi schemer: Letter To Istuarians and Investor Friends from Ethan

Employees say they have not been paid. Globalnews. Employees at Vancouver tech startup say they haven’t been paid in months

Istuary online employee comments, one employee say: PONZIIstuary Innovation Labs Inc

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