Jollibee Trudeau, Cleavage Clark, Horgan I Am Filipina!

Mangled headline which covers some serious stuff and humour about politicians. My memory was jolted by a mention of another Jollibee restaurant opening in Ontario. It reminded me of a then Premier Clark visiting a Jollibee restaurant in the Philippines. Then another jolt when Trudeau visited a Jollibee restaurant in Manila.

Not mentioned in any media, was that lots of young Filipinas were asking him to sponsor them as his nanny. His response [also not reported] was that he had just laid off one of his nannies: Trudeau You Should Stay Home And Fix Canada, Or Lose It

Westcoastpugnaciousavidly points out that this was way before his atrocious performance in India.

Now we can have some fun, real fun.. Way back in time when Christy Clark was Premier of British Columbia she was very enthusiastic about ethnic votes. At one Philippine Day celebration, she went somewhat overboard and proclaimed that although she did not look Filipina, deep in her heart, she placed a hand over her heart, “I am Filipina.”. Don’t believe me? The video clip will pop up soon. Now what comes to my twisted mind…can you imagine Big Bad John Horgan stating “ I am a Filipino” It gets worse..following the original Clark “I am Filipina” there was a mini headline for more news “Premiers’ cleavage causes a stir.Tempest in a ‘C’ cup. and Mr,Dix protesting against the ‘C’ cups: Premier Clark & Jollibee,says Canada Starts In Winnipeg.

Can we look forward to a baring of the pectoral muscles in the Legislature? I don’t think so, weak kneed Wilkinson would bow out. Actually, even Trudeau the Younger would not confront Big Bad John over pecs. Then my wonky imagination conjures up Elizabeth May being arrested in a protest over the fact that Horgan was allowed to be naked above the waist and she wasn’t…praise the Lord !

What triggered all this? Jollibee, ‘McDonald’s of the Philippines,’ opening attracts thousands in Scarborough

What would my day be without just a smidgen of sarcasm, reverse racism comes to mind…all the Jollibee employees were Filipinas.

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