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New Car Dealers Association & Political Donation Scams!

Sad to say, here in British Columbia, on a regular basis there is mention of political donations. In particular when the Liberal Party of British Columbia is the recipient. The information being released or exposed is never positive [being polite].

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Trudeau Liberals Encourage Students Not To Repay Loans Again!

Not fake news not alternative news.The federal government does this every year…a proven undisputed fact. Hundreds of millions of $$$$. ¬†You can almost hear the spiel…’Now hear this, you wanna get a university education? You don’t have any money? No … Continue reading

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A Reminder Of What We Owe Our Veterans – Tribute #2

Westcoastpugnacious¬†sincerely hopes that a new Liberal government, combined with a new Prime Minister…plus a new Defence Minister will result in resolution of the many issues relating to our veterans.

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