Lord Protect Me; Are Females Suitable For Politics?

We try but do not always succeed at establishing a proposed schedule of topics/issues to publish. It has been badly disrupted today. Westcoastpugnacious logo has been overwhelmed and disgusted at the avalanche of sexual predators revealed [thus far] in the United States. Some are starting to emerge here in Canada and elsewhere. Again thus far it has been male predators. Sadly safe to say that we have not seen the end of these exposures.

However, and I freely admit that I am on dangerous ground here..some declared incidents detract from the seriousness of the offences committed.

Before reaching the ‘dangerous ground’, I will try to explain my headline questioning if females are suitable for politics: Canadian Parliament All Excited Over the Word FART.Ludicrous. 

We are forced to bring Trudeau the Younger into this mess…because veterans come into play later: When Will Rick Mercer Stomp All Over Prime Minister Trudeau.

Now please be patient and absorb this latest incident involving a Canadian politician….aaand how it can escalate into a farce.’Inappropriate, humiliating’: Liberal MP accuses Conservative of unwanted sexual remarks

Firstly, the escalation..there was one incident..but came out as plural = remarks. To me, the remark was intended as a political joke not sexual. But, how about the impact? ” The comments [plural] caused me great stress and affected my work environment”..WOW! May I humbly and honestly suggest that perhaps you are not capable/suited to politics? May I also remind you that the incident was investigated and found to be innocent of any sexual overtones. Perhaps, just perhaps the fact that your work environment was so affected, that this could have affected your efficiency, which perhaps, just perhaps explain why our veterans are suffering?

The mention of two other female politicians being affected, one by being ‘hovered over’ could be affecting their performance also.

When we look at the Parties involved, Conservative/Tory versus Liberal, it is starting to look at a Breast for Tat contest. Liberal charges Conservative, Conservative charges Liberal. etc etc.

All of which trivialize the trauma that has and is being endured by those females who went public about the depredations that they suffered.

Some light input from the SNL cast is badly needed: ‘Welcome to Hell’: SNL’s female cast members take on sexual harassment with music video

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