Mankind Is Kaput/Finished! Who Said That? Justin Trudeau!

Actually this could be humourous if it wasn’t so ludicrous. Our photogenic political yuppy of a Prime Minister Trudeau actually corrected a female who uttered the word mankind and informed her the correct term was peoplekind!

The Brits started this kind of convoluted reasoning: Humour; Brits, LGBTQ, Stanley Holloway & Tom Jones.

How about this sudden thought, perhaps Trudeau is more logical than people give him credit for? Perhaps he sees a way to create more jobs..globally! Think seriously about this…man is defunct! Westcoastpugnaciouscounted more than 70 manwords in my dictionary…just some of them provide a political Trudeau grimace…manikin =peoplekin  manicures =peoplecures   maniac  manhunt=peoplehunt  manhour=peoplehour   manful=peopleful . Enough!

More jobs? Dictionaries will need reformatting and printing. All kinds of signage will require the same attention. Think about the auto manufacturers…they will have to dream up a replacement for manual transmission. Think about all the jobs!.

Here is another previous Post that is relevant in view of what the Brits are recommending [sorry, actually, it is mandatory] Canada is having problems recruiting for its Canadian Armed Forces: Army Reserves Manpower & Equipment Shortages.

Trudeau against ‘mankind’ : Military top brass orders troops to use gender-neutral words at training base

Trudeau copying the Brits again: Justin Trudeau Corrects Woman Saying, “Mankind,” Makes Her Say, “Peoplekind,” Instead.

Thank you for your patience.

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