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Weak Knee Richmond; English Versus Chinese Language Again

Lest we forget, Andreas Kargut who is fighting for the right to have his strata meetings held in English. He is moving out but continuing his legal battle.

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Another Richmond Kerfuffle Over Chinese & Language; Plunder?

Chinese…Richmond…Language, almost a yearly headline for the past few years. Truly a serious and divisive concern. Sometimes relieved by some humour. It has some irony, as it appears that it is the Chinese residents who wish to protect the English … Continue reading

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The Richmond Recipe For Trouble; Language & Weak Knees

Even when suffering the trials and tribulations of the flu,¬†westcoastpugnacious¬†can be puzzled by a headline and yet find some sad humour…‘Condo Owner miffed at a Mandarin meeting.’¬†

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