#MeToo 25 Years Too Late For CAF & RCMP; Why? Einstein!

This is an ambitious posting for westcoastpugnacioushowever in my humble opinion it is important to ask ourselves why, as Canadian human beings, we have never held anyone accountable. The sexual assaults and rapes took place for decades in the Canadian Armed Forces and in the RCMP. No one had the guts to be a whistle blower!

For decades, long term leaders obviously ignored or condoned [the same end result] the attacks upon mostly females, with some males also being attacked. If you use the search button, you will find that Maclean’s magazine issued a blistering report on the military in 1998, which provided details going back to 1992! Even more disgusting, an MacLean’s investigative reporter who revisited the initial investigation, did not notice any improvements in the damning attitudes. These were long term careerists in the CAF and the RCMP. I am reminded of a famous quote from Albert Einstein ‘The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything.’

Aussieland leads the way in opening a can of worms and taking action: Barnaby Joyce: Australia PM bans ministers from sex with staff

That oughta do it..ban sex! Then underemployed misguided do-gooders get involved… outrage? The ban only applies to sex between politicians and staff! What about sex between politicians? What about sex between staffers? This ban does not mention gender! Australia has 33 classifications of gender! Lawyers become involved..Is sex between politicians of different political parties allowed?

Now here in Canada we have The Senate involved: Senator Anne Cools Suggests Senate Doesn’t Have Sexual Harassment Problem Because Colleagues Are ‘Too Old’

So what happens..a male Senator goes outside the Senate and starts having sex with underage girls on the taxpayer $$ gets caught..the Senate dithers for a while so he has enough time in the Senate to collect his pension. Senator Meredith: Honour, Sleaze&Cover-Ups, Taxpayer Pays

Then we have the Canadian Armed Forces..decades of rapes and sexual assaults, a general says “ Men are wired differently’ and is allowed to retire with honor and pensions..but he does write a 21 page apology to one female who was raped.

Then, naturally his replacement has an ‘brilliant’ idea, he issues a wallet sized card about Inappropriate Behaviour to every member of the Canadian Armed Forces [does not explain ‘inappropriate’ ]: General Lawson ‘Outtrumps’ Trump Over Sexual Conduct Has Canadian Military Sexual Assaults Program Improved? Also: ‘Sexual Assaults/Class Actions In Canadian Armed Forces’ Did you notice that the RCMP was mentioned? Guess what the latest update is…25,000 sexual assault charges reopened!! RCMP to review 25,000 more sexual assault cases

Lest we forget, there has never been a #MeToo…tweet or report! How come ? Not important? Too many worried that their name may become public? Too many do not want to be forced to retire ..without honour? Without pension? Without a sinecure to fall back on?

I remember the good old days, a cousin of mine was doing his National Service in the British Army. He got word that his sister had been sexually abused by a ‘bloke’. He asked for  leave which was refused. So he went AWOL..Absent without leave, went home to see his sister who was in bad shape. So he had a chat with the bloke and put him in hospital. The local police were helpful and grateful because the sister did not want to lay charges..because she would have been viewed as ‘damaged goods’. So zero publicity in regard to the ‘chat’. Back at the army, because he was a ‘good’un’, the NCOs convinced the officers to wipe out the AWOL charges by saying that he had been stressed.

So, where have we gone wrong? Stupid question? But we need to find out what happened to the values we were brought up with, I refuse to believe that these values have weakened from one generation to another.

Two words that I am very fond of… accountability … retribution ..as long as they are combined with..retroactive!!

Thank you for your patience..again.

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