#Metoo Has Become A Discriminatory Witch Hunt

I am not sure if the term Discriminatory Witch Hunt makes sense..definition of a witch hunt a search for and persecution of people suspected of witchcraft or a malicious campaign directed against a group of people with unpopular or unorthodox views.

Somewhat confusing is that most if not all witches were female. One thing for sure, the #MeToo campaign if not a witch hunt, has certainly defamed and destroyed an unknown number of males. Will those accusers ever be held accountable for the damage? What justice will be served if an accused male commits suicide because he has lost his family, his employment and his reputation.

Are you going to tell westcoastpugnaciousthat there has been zero sexual assaults by lesbians? Give me a break.

When I started this report, I became somewhat angry at all the ‘facts’ and rhetoric that was being thrown at males. However, I am starting to notice that some of the accused are fighting back! Sometimes I mention that I spent years investigating accidents, determining causes and contributing factors which help when investigating the media news. I am also sarcastic when I say that I have a Ph.D in trivia = unimportant but interesting tidbits of information.. in this series on #Metoo, hopefully you will enjoy with a grin at what shows up…in defence of males and somewhat spurious allegations by #MeToo enthusiasts.

First, some history: #MeToo.Open Season.Open Secret.Flirtation.Judicial Chaos..

A sample of what I mean, please remember that it is written by a female…Women Can Hit On Men. ‘I’ve never been into traditional gender roles. Whenever I’ve liked a guy in my 34 years, I’ve told him as much. Usually, this has a poor effect on men. They get all weird and don’t know how to handle an assertive woman. I, on the other hand don’t have time for games. I find them tiresome and I’m bad at the rules. I see no problem with a woman hitting on a man. Society has no problem with the opposite … Men are encouraged to tell women that they’re attractive and ask them out for dinner or drinks or what have you.

The name of the author..Sarah Fader. this was written in 2014. She is now well established and started a ‘business’ StigmaFighters!

Women Can Hit On Men

Here is what a female posted on StigmaFighters  #MeToo? Probably Not

I saved the best for last, a male [politician] who says it like it should be said.Added to which facts that directly conflict with the allegations: Former Ont. PC leader Patrick Brown calls allegations ‘absolute lies’

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