US Military Seek ‘Nazi’ Doctrine & Cyberwarfare Comics!

Is Nazism on the rise? Firstly, A Canadian known as Toady Butts [very, very close associate of Prime Minister Trudeau] screams ‘Nazi’ at critics of his hero.

Which provokes vitriol on a global basis. westcoastpugnaciouswell deserved vitriol: Where Is Nazi Man Butts? AWOL? Travolta Versus Trudeau!

The US military top brass ardently seek ‘Nazi’ doctrine. This is not a Canadian headline, it is a 100% American media headline! Thus far zero Tweets from Trump. Gotta be sarcastically honest, when I  think of Trump…a wrecking ball comes to mind: President Trump Is A Wrecking Ball? True or False?

American military brass seek the ‘Nazi’ doctrine ? Breaking news from the USA:  US military brass seek unified ‘Nazi’ command

Still think I am blowing smoke =false truth or false news? The source is not Facebook! In fact to verify the ‘truth’, we provide 2 sources…..the latest weapon in the cyber warfare are comic books! To Illustrate the Dangers of Cyberwarfare, the Army Is Turning to Sci-Fi ….FOR THE U.S. ARMY RELEASED A SPECIAL COMIC BOOK ABOUT CYBER WARFARE

I bet China is trembling in its shoes.

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