Minimum Wage, Economists, Statcan, Banks, Unions=Messy #2

Westcoastpugnaciousfreely admits that I am not a fan of economists in general… 

Some history:  Canadian Economists Aiding Foreigners Purchasing Canadian Properties & Minimum Wage, Economists, Statcan, Banks, Unions=Messy #1

What would you say to these low paid workers? I would say that their employers are getting a bargain, lots of responsible work for miserable wages: What Would Premier Clark Say To These Low Paid Workers?

From way back in 2013, and a review will still make you stop and think: The Campaign For A Living Wage-Should Maybe…Think About Subway.

Now here is a sad somewhat disgusting story about T.Hortons, which was a Canadian icon until the barbarians [Americans] took it over. It was in the media yesterday and I refused to believe it, I classed it as Fake Truth. Now it has been confirmed! It is obvious that the Horton genes that we were so proud of, have become diluted:  Ontario premier calls Tim Hortons heir ‘a bully’ over wage actions

Westcoastpugnacious  has published quite a lot about Timmies, what I usually describe as my feelings …  Good  Bad & Ugly.

More to come as this sad tale expands

How Low Can You Go Timmy Horton? Time Will Tell.

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