Minimum Wage, Economists, StatCan, Banks, Unions=Messy #1 not an exaggeration! Westcoastpugnaciousagrees that an increase to the minimum wage is needed, badly needed in British Columbia. But, how much $? When?

The impact of minimum wage has been a topic for years. Stacks of different opinions and observations. The latest report, which will be followed by previous WCP Posts: Minimum wage hikes could cost Canada’s economy 60,000 jobs by 2019

It presents valid observations…eg a company owner pointing out that the impact of $1 million extra costs in the first year, will force him into bankruptcy ..a farmer saying that he cannot find casual workers to work his crops, so is reducing the crop size. Other companies seeking casual workers. Plus of course groups such as Restaurants Canada pumping out their normal political pablum. So now we have somewhat conflicting information from Banks. To be honest, bankers do not rank high on my scale for admiration:  Bankers: If Immorality Were Illegal You’d All Be In Jail

Of course we should not forget that the data from Statistics Canada cannot be relied upon for accuracy: StatCan Wrong! Foreigners Buy 5%  of Canadian Properties.

It has been a long time since I noticed anything that mentioned Economists: More About Economists-What They Know, Think and Hate! Remember that I mention pablum from the Restaurants Canada group?– Restaurants/Trade Group Insult The Intelligence Of Canadians. 

Part #2 will follow in a couple of days. It will cover reports from 2013, descriptions of work done for minimum wages. Employment ads from 2013 until now..for the same job/wages. Impacts of unions with regard to wages

Let me throw something out here…employers in various parts of canada are crying out for bodies to fill their vacancies about the floods of refugees and asylum seekers…use some of them?

Please watch for:  “Minimum Wage, Economists, Banks, Statcan & Unions #2”

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