Minimum Wage: Restaurant Jobs, Sad Facts Not Fiction!

This is a different format to the usual westcoastpugnaciousformat where  we provide some history…followed by breaking news.

For this complicated issue, we provide recent news to absorb, then some previous WCP history…followed by surprising comparison.

There has been varied media reports about the difficulties that North Shore restaurants are having in hiring employees. Some restaurants are reducing the hours/days when they are open for business. Some restaurants are closing for good.

Labour shortage hurting North Shore restaurants

Labour pains hit North Shore employers

Now some history:  Restaurant Jobs … Sadly Some Things Never Change.

Kinda sad, the ‘wages’ being offered for what appears to be a really busy job with almost unlimited responsibilities ..for the munificent wage of $12 per hour. Please note that this ‘opportunity’ was in 2013.

More sadness, sardonically speaking, from my local newspaper today..[2017] in the General Employment column… We  are seeking 12 Food Service Supervisor for Full Time-shift, Weekends, Day, Night and Evening for $13 per hour/ 40 hours per week as soon as possible for the following location [s]. Main Duties: Supervise and coordinate activities of staff who prepare and potion food. Ensure food service and quality control. Maintain records of stock, repairs, sales and wastage’s. Prepare and submit reports. Establish methods to meet work schedules. Train staff in job duties, sanitation, and safety procedures. Address customers’ complaints or concerns. 1 to 2 years experience is needed. No education required. Medical, Dental and Vision care benefits plan provided.

It appears to my jaundiced eye that this opportunity closely matches the one published in 2013. This employment opportunity in the newspaper included the name and addresses of the company/employer and its branches. Of a particular sad note..job paid $12 per hr in 2013, the hourly rate 4 years later has been boosted $1 to $13.00!

Hesitated to publish the names, sad isn’t it! Why? Free Speech.Not Free In Canada.Complaints Will Cost You.

However, a gentle hint [sad again], the employer is a faded Canadian icon that was purchased by filthy rich Americans including Burger King…and has been a frequent topic on westcoastpugnacious.

For a finale: Low Minimum Wage Is Hurting, Lawyers, Single Moms.

Without getting too political, couldn’t the very low wages being given…be the main reason why jobs are not filled?

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