Minister Goodale Kicks Ass At Edmonton Prison: How?

We should give full title for Minister Ralph Goodale ..Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness. He is almost unique among the acolytes/followers of Trudeau the Younger, he rarely receives bad press for a lack of accountability or competency.

This time he was given the challenge of investigating alleged harassment in the Edmonton Institution  [prison] unit Correction Service Canada [CSC]

Westcoastpugnacioushas never had much need to report on Minister Goodale: Ralph Goodale,Deputy Leader of Federal LiberalsPlus the mention problems at CSC:  Sexual Misconduct at Correction Service of Canada ..Goodale.

Here is what corrective action was taken at Corrections Canada: 4 Edmonton prison staff members fired after allegations of intimidation, criminal activity.

Did you note what action he took? He replaced the management! If only Minister Goodale could replace the management of Canada..inclusive of Prime Minister Trudeau:  Fake: Trudeau 2019 Campaign Ad #2

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