MMIWG: Another Member Quits – Is Trudeau Incapable? Part1

National Inquiry into: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Another MMIWG lawyer quit. At my count that equals a total of 22 members that have either quit, been laid off or fired. Not exactly a stellar reputation.

Unfortunately, when Canadians look at the numerous concerns that have become issues, they must be shaking their heads and asking themselves…where is the leadership in Canada. When westcoastpugnaciousreviews the Trudeau record of achievements, it doesn’t take very long. Words/questions that jumped into my Trudeau the Younger genetically incapable or just genetically altered. He is a rousing success with photo-ops, spontaneous or manufactured. His appetite for selfies certifies him as a gourmand.  He is totally different when one reviews the pre-election promises. He is very low on completion of promises, almost as low as taking any kind of action.

Some history: Trudeau You Should Stay At Home And Fix Canada, Or Lose It.

He tends to surround himself with similar acolytes: Trudeaus’ Toady Gerald Butts, Insults Canadians Part 1

I was going to mention Morneau, but that would take up a lot of space and be a wasted effort. I imagine that Prime Minister Trudeau is nervous about the Auditor General and his reports that are due. However, fear not, Justin can blame the previous Conservative government.

Back to MMIGW… some action has taken place, the optics are poor, it appears that it is now against the ‘law’ to be critical of the commissioners  = their butts must be kissed with enthusiasm. Another lawyer quits MMIWG inquiry as resignations, firings mount

Don’t get excited, families are NOT protected. ‘They’re cutting our time short,’ Catcheways’ MMIWG testimony delayed, cut back

More to come another time, anything to do with Trudeau either give me indigestion or flatulence .

A Trudeau performance meter: trudeaumetre

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