National Defence Classified Data Leaks; Spies & Lies Again

Usually when one thinks about leaks in the Canadian Navy, sorry, Royal Canadian Navy, the leaks are from leaky submarines or rusted vessels. However this time it is about classified documents being leaked. And as with other military related fiascoes, there are glossed over details and promises of applicable actions to reassure us naive Canadians that all is well, and will be better.

Here is the latest:Navy’s mishandling of classified documents spawns series of investigations

See what westcoastpugnaciousmentioned…glossed over details plus promises…Chief Of Defence and Deputy Defence Minister Forster issued a directive to “re-emphasise” the proper handling of documents and data and took additional action to “prevent unauthorised disclosure of classified information”

However, when we delve into the past: Transit Police/RCMP/Canadian Navy, Which One ranks Higher In Accountability.

Fear not fellow Canadians, Delisle got 20 years in jail aaand he had to forfeit his severance pay and…believe it or not the federal government stated it would move immediately to recover the salary paid to him since his arrest in January 2012. The Minister of Defence Peter Mackay stated…” Mr.Delisle’s unauthorised disclosure of secret information is intolerable, inexcusable and inconsistent with the integrity and loyalty that Canadians expect from their men and women in uniform.” 

He went further..”I assure Canadians that our government continues to enhance our security procedures. In recent years, the Department of National Defence has undertaken a complete functional review and rewrite of our security policy suite and has been working with other department bodies to synchronise and adopt best practices. In October 2012, we established a Director General Security Transformation organisation aimed at charting the future for defence security policy.’

Proof: Delisle stripped of rank, pay following spy case

So what went wrong? Five years later, the same crap and promises. I have been unable to find out if the government ever did collect the $$ they were going to get.

So what do we have today? Vance has issued a memo…sorry, directive. Please allow me to express some hostile sarcasm…perhaps he will issue a wallet sized card to be carried at all times by all members of the Canadian Armed Forces that states…Anytime you are tempted to reveal secret information, please read the rules concerning Inappropriate Behaviour.

Why my hostility?  Sexual Assaults/Class Actions In Canadian Armed Forces. and Sex Education In Armed Forces Versus Same In Schools.

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