Opioid Crisis Trudeau Versus Jagmeet Singh Both Wrong!

It is not breaking news that Canada has a devastating opioid crisis that is increasing in damage every day.

Some sad history: Should A Drug Overdose Be Classed as Murder?  … Statistics: Drug Overdose Deaths In B.C. Up 151%.

Tired political pablum from Prime Minister Trudeau, remember his famous last words..photo of him with open arms…Every one welcome to Canada..ooops…wrong last words  here are the correct ones about drugs It’s something we are seeing unfold in communities across Canada. We must do a better job and saving people. Canadians do not need words, we need action…declare a National Emergency…please!

Then we have a nouveau politician by the name of Jagmeet Singh who seeks catchy headlines..” I saw that people’s lives are being destroyed while the federal government does little or nothing and it breaks my heart. I saw with my own eyes the devastation of the opioid crisis. Addiction is rooted in issues of poverty and mental health. To me poverty, mental health and addictions don’t sound like criminal justice problems.” He wants to adopt the program used in Portugal. Obviously he just skims the backup material, which clearly stated that such a program would not, would not work in North America:  Federal NDP leader witnesses opioid overdose crisis, calls for more decriminalization

In his haste to garner attention, he totally ignores the problem of  weak kneed judges. Remember what he stated ..addictions don’t sound like criminal justice problems.”

Now, a recent court case may lead you to question the logic displayed by Judge Joanne Challenger in the case of Ajay Joon..aged 21 yrs… just quick glimpses ..he conducted 16 transactions during a 3 day surveillance. He had 2 cell phones, 7.32 grams of crack and cocaine in his underwear and 10 grams of  heroin in 12 baggies. There is a lot more to digest, but this viewpoint by the Judge floored me “the ability of the brain to ‘exercise sound and considered judgement’ is impaired during a person’s late teens and early 20’s’. Judge described him as a well adjusted and kind..partaking in a dial a dope operation was out of character for him. The Judge clearly stated that Joon was well aware of the impact of the drugs. She even stated that fentanyl  traffickers were “Merchants of Death.”

I get a bit peed off with the ‘logic’ of this judge..so the rest you can absorb: North Van fentanyl dealer avoids jail time

A very important point not mentioned in this excellent report by the NSNews.. Crown counsel Simon Charles advocated for a sentence of 2 years less a day! This ‘less than a day’ is usually given to avoid a sentence of 2 years which could impact on the status of the criminal…e.g if he was not yet a Canadian citizen, he could be deported.

Can you imagine how the police involved in nailing this drug dealer..feel? All the work, and the dealer gets off! The police must ask themselves ‘why bother’

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