Panama Papers.Isle of Man Scam.Paradise.POGG.Car Bomb!

What a mixture in the headline.The latest in a series of financial scams that have been revealed to the weary voters in many countries, inclusive of Canada. Naturally lots of promises from governments,politicians, Finance Ministers and others. As per usual, we receive words with zero action.

Just a taste of history: Have Canadians been Conned By FINTRAC/CRA/CMHC?  #1

A brief mention about POGG…which is what Canada was famous for…Peace..Order..Good..Government. internal link to Justin Trudeau,Forget About Climate Change & Return to POGG #1

The latest exposure of tax avoidance and/or tax evasion: CRA promises ‘appropriate action’ on tax haven use after Paradise Papers leak

Some helpful advice from the government: Tax Avoidance

A sad reminder of what can happen to investigative reporters, a car bombing in Malta killed a reporter who investigated the Panama Papers: Malta car bomb kills Panama Papers journalist

A later post will remind us of previous ‘promises’ made to comfort us about ‘appropriate measures’ will be taken.

Forgive me for this sarcasm. I was brought up that the best method of preventing crime was Set a thief to catch a thief.

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